What is Behind Daylight Savings Time?

Even in the late 70s people were already adjusting their clocks for daylight savings time. We automatically set our clocks either forward or backward on the appointed dates even though some of us might not really understand why we have this practice.

It was to save daylight that this measure was implemented. It keeps the daylight when w wants it during the time when we are at work or children are in school. This practice is common in temperate regions because there is a great variation of daylight versus darkness throughout the season in these regions.

One then wonders if the practice is really necessary? And they are also wondering if there is really a significant difference if it starts to get light outside at 7am rather than 8 am. However, some people are not aware that the real reason for implementing daylight savings time has nothing to do with what people prefer, but it is actually for conserving energy.

What daylight savings time seek to accomplish is to reduce electricity use in homes and offices since the amount of electricity we use depends on when the sun sets. If the sun sets near bedtime, then you don’t have to use much electricity than you would if the sun sets long before he went to bed.

Most of us have a set bedtime. So, say sunset is moved an hour later, you do not have to keep you lights on long because it will soon be your bedtime and even if it is dark, we don’t have to turn on the lights.

Since it takes long for the sun to rise in winter, morning light is important. During summer the days are longer and people wake up after sunrise. During winter, people wake up after the sunrise if the time of the sunrise is artificially changed by daylight savings time.

There will be increased outdoor activities with daylight savings time. Physical activity is good for people even during the winter months, and it helps if it is still light when they want to be outside. When people go home from work during daylight savings time, there is less chances of accidents because it is still bright. Since crime is committed in dark areas, daylight savings time helps to reduce it.

Today, there are a lot of people who have been vocal about this practice and they want it stopped. There are many people today who want it stopped and they are filing a petition for its end. They don’t want to adjust their clocks twice a year for very few benefits that they perceive. Others don’t like disruptions in their sleep patterns from setting the clock backward or forward. If you forget to adjust your clock at the designated dates, you might find yourself later for work or you might find yourself alone at work.

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