3 Good Reasons Why You Should Use Inbound Call Tracking For Your Business

Anyone who searches the internet for information about call tracking will surely find a lot of useful details. Despite the popularity of the world in online shopping, recent studies confirm that a lot of people of purchases over the internet was being done offline , this is also an indication that the idea of publishing phone numbers is still effective regarding bringing profits to web-based companies. For many business owners, tracking a potential customer’s behavior online is quite easy since there are many tools available that can make that possible and the challenge, however, is that around 60% of web-related purchases do not happen online, but offline.

A call tracking software’s main function is to help you analyze and track that comes from various methods including online and offline strategies. Whether you are targeting a global or local market, having unique phone numbers can be for your best benefit and the place of origin for each call, the length of the call and other important information will be provided to you.

It can tell you exactly what marketing channel and campaign triggered the call.Call tracking is a good way of gathering information about your marketing operation and this includes the number of calls, the percentage of leads, and the actual investment of each of your marketing campaigns.

When an online visitor decides to purchase a product and decides to contact you by phone, that’s where you lose track and this is where the importance of call tracking comes in.If you are enticed in integrating this technology into your business, here are some important factors you need to keep in mind.


The number coverage of the system you would want to avail yourself of is crucial, especially if you are targeting a global market.

Integration Capability

You will have a higher chance of getting better insight if you integrate call tracking software with other campaign tools your company is already using.

Tool Flexibility

How you want to use call tracking for your business will not be the same as how other business would want to do it and the reason is that different business use data differently so, it is important that the tool you are going to avail yourself of has a high customization flexibility.You can then use the information you can collect from recordings and use them to improve your system and evaluate workers.


There is no question that how much you are paying for the call tracking service you are getting is one of the most important factors you should consider when selecting the tool and its service provider.

Getting an insight of your customer’s experience can tell you how well or how poorly your staff had entertained your callers and this is a window of opportunity for change or improvement both for your marketing staff in particular and your customer service arm in general. Now that smartphones have become a conventional everyday gadget of people from all walks of life; it is not uncommon to receive calls from curious site visitors who bumped into your website with their phones.

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