A flask is most commonly associated with concealing alcohol for personal use when desired. For some people, that reason alone makes it it a perfect gift. The convenient size, shape, and method of carrying it makes a hip flask more versatile than people think. Modern flasks are small, curved to comfortably press against the body, and can be carried without pockets or a purse.

Other Uses

A little creative thought can supply several ideas for a flask that do not include alcohol. Someone who is lactose intolerant can place some alternative product into the flask when meeting friends for coffee. That eliminates the need to use artificial powdered creamer. Bring an antacid liquid to that new restaurant just in case. No need to cut the evening short due to a little indigestion.

Several herbal supplements and remedies are in liquid form. Make sure a fresh supply is always handy by placing some in your flask. Prescription medications can also be in liquid form. Placing it in a flask ensures privacy and discretion if it has to be taken in the middle of the day.

When to Give a Flask

An engraved hip flask is a common gift for men and women of a wedding party. The date and names of the couple, a personal sentiment, or the name of each recipient can be included to make it special. A college graduate, a professional who just got a promotion, writers upon the publishing of their first book, or a close friend are all ideal occasions to present a flask.

Material Options

Most flasks are made of stainless steel. A leather or vinyl cover can be placed over the steel for a variation and for decorative purposes. Glass flasks are available and add a elegance to the gift. Some are plain and clear glass, while others can be very elaborate.

Silver is used as well. Plastic flasks are an option for extra safety. This eliminates detection by security scanners.


A few options available for flasks add some style and embellishment, as well as practically. A small arm attached to the cap will prevent it from getting lost when the flask is being opened and emptied. Small compartments in either the front or the back of the flask can hold cigarettes, wrapping papers, thin sticks of gum, or taxi money. It can also hold an identification card, a hotel key, or an address.