Concrete and Concrete Counter Tops that are Pleasing to the Eye

If you take a look back in history, concrete has been used for decorative purposes. In the modern times, the use of concrete for decorative purposes has been seen more in the floors and counter tops. Among the obvious reason as to why concrete has been largely been accepted in concrete counter tops is the versatility of the material making its application easy and applicable in a variety of ways. Those in the construction industry will agree that many people who are constructing their homes or those that are making some renovations wish to give their homes some uniqueness, the counter tops is a utility that can be used to effect this kind of uniqueness. Concrete comes in handy for this purpose because one can not only have the texture that they want but also you get to have a color, shape and also have other items added on the surface of the concrete. Gone are the days when granite products were the only way to go when it came to counter tops, with concrete, contractors can walk the client through the different types of concrete counter tops that they can have and on top of that is possible to give a custom touch to the counter top as an opportunity for the contractor to show his skills. Concrete counter tops require a lot of time and concentration to deliver something that the client will appreciate, a counter top with a lot of detail will take up to two weeks to fully complete. Concrete counter tops start with having a design moving on to form work all the way to application of a coat sealer. Switching from a laminate counter top to a concrete does not have to mean the tearing down of the laminate, Contractors have come up with a better solution where the laminate surface is prepared for a cement polymer to be applied and one ends up with a concrete looking counter top and on top that its way cheaper and it’s easier to make hence less labor intensive.

Decorative concrete features patterns, unique textures, having overlays concrete coating and the use of acid stains just to mention but a few. The use of acid to create decorative creations is achieved when the chemicals in the acid comes into contact with the minerals in the concrete. Color is added into the concrete mixture before consolidating the mixture and making the surfaces even off. Before surfaces of countertops dry off, they can have some decorators embedded and these could be coins, sea shells or colored brass, having a combination of decorators also brings a unique touch.

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