Benefits of a Salon System

The beauty industry has become competitive as new salons are opening up each day. Opening a salon is not just having few furniture and a team of beauticians, what you will do differently from the others is what will determine your success. A salon system is an important system that will help in running the business, including staff training and marketing. Salon point of sale software is a powerful tool that will not only help in day to day managing of your salon but will also help the salon business grow and in return, increased profits. Below are some of the reasons why you should invest in a salon software.

The salon system allows users to book appointments for the clients, and clients can also book and schedule appointments online at their convenience. It becomes easier to manage daily activities with the system. It will be easier to calculate commissions for employees as the system assigns each employee his/her clients and the system calculates the commission. Once a customer makes a booking, the system collects the contacts and automatically sends reminders days before the booked date.

The system can group employees according to the services each employee specializes in, and upon the client making the booking, the system will allocate that particular employee clients who are looking for the specific service the employee is allocated. To make work simpler and save time, the system admin can set defaults functions such as defining each employee and his/her functions such that every time a client makes a booking, the system allocates the client to an employee who specializes in the service the client is interested in and compute all his commission at the end of the day or month.

The system also has the capability of preventing appointment bookings when employees are away for leave or lunch break. The employee will only need to mark the scheduled off days or break times on the calendar and mark them as unavailable to prevent any bookings.

The system also helps in totaling costs at the end of the service. All activities from booking to checking out are taken care of by the system. This process ensures that no process is carried out manually, reduces the cases of cash theft.

It is easy to record and keep the inventory record of salon products and equipment. The records ensure the process of taking stock is made simpler. There will be no time that the employee will not be working due to unavailability of a product as the system alerts the users every time a product hits the reorder level, thus swift action is taken immediately. The process of ordering and receiving goods becomes easy and efficient with the salon system whereby the user requests and receives after delivery.

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