Why NFL Is Big In Britain.

The American NFL has become one of the enviable leagues in the world. The current annual revenue for the sport is estimated to be at $13 billion. The high revenues generated by the NFL makes it the world’s richest sport. In the year 2015, the average attendance of the game was estimated to be at 68000 which was the highest in the world of sports. The NFL is also enjoying a wide range viewership.

The American Football League has also been interested in taking the game international. In the United Kingdom, the game has gained a lot of popularity, and today there are usually two regular seasons in London since 2007. In the recent times, the seasons have been increased to three. However, there are many people who do not find the game very appealing. The discouragement comes from the fear of the dangers that are associated with the game. It has been reported that as many as 271 concussions were suffered by the football players in 2015. There has also been concern that British has been losing in the games. However, the hope is that the losses are eventually to be offset by the revenue that is obtained from the sponsorships, sale of NFL merchandises and commercial rights. Not only is the NFL gaining a big following in Britain, it is also benefiting from being televised in the Asian Markets.

According to the current arrangements, there will be at least four fixtures in London. This after an agreement between NFL, BBC, and Sky which are the two most watched free to air television channels. The agreement with the Sky channel is to show 100 live matches during the season while BBC is to have weekly highlights shows. There has also been a big sell out of tickets which are bringing a lot of revenue to the organizers.

Since many of Britain’s colleges and Universities offer the game, it has become very popular among the young people. Due to the embrace that the game has received, many clubs have emerged all the country. The educational institutions have once again proved that they are the ideal place to nature sport talents in the United Kingdom. According to records, the American Football has always been played in the United Kingdom since the world war two. The American soldiers who were taken to serve in Britain were the ones who introduced the game. There has however been considerable change in the recent years as the game has continued to gain popularity.

Betting in Britain is another factor that has contributed to the American football gaining popularity in the Britain. There has been an increase in the online free bets in the U.K and when there is a new sport, it makes the gambling more interesting.

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