Lawn Care Ideas: Outdoor Holiday Lights
Installing outdoor holding lighting is an experience that is truly exciting. By getting the holiday lights onto your outdoor property, you get to deepen your Christmas mood. Installing and using outdoor lights is however different than with indoor lights. Here are some tips that will help you with installing these lights.

The Holiday Lights Differ
If you are planning on buying outdoor holiday lights; it is important that you make sure that they are specifically meant for outdoor use. Outdroor holiday lights are created in a manner that they can withstand the winter weather. If you know how some winter storms may be strong, then you will get the reason why using lights meant for indoor for your outdoor lighting can be suboptimal. Be sure to take a closer look at the packaging of holiday lighting you have or intend to buy is capable of withstanding the elements outside.

How to Fasten the Lights Outside
A common problem that occurs is that the majority of people go with the quick and easy option of using a staple gun. The problem with this alternative is that you have little control over how tight the staple gets embedded into the surface you are attaching the lights too. This, therefore, makes it easy for the staple to get too deep thereby slicing through the rubber outer protective insulation covering the wires. A much better solution would be using the staple gun to attach some fastener like a zip tie, wire twist tie or other fastener systems.

Accenting with Customized Christmas Lights
If your landscaping plan is centered around a grove of unique trees or a boutique garden with a white picket arbor, it is essential to have your holiday lighting plan accent these features. Your plan should incorporate placing lights on the trees and around the arbor in order to create a shadow-like silhouette of these items at night.

Choosing the Color of the Christmas Lights
There are a full spectrum of colours for the holiday lights. When it comes to selecting the colour of your holiday lights, ensure that you approach the task as you would when picking the shade of the paint on a wall. The rule of choosing the holiday lighting colour is that you don’t get carried away. The choice of a single colour such as white captures the surreal mood of winter. Using two complementing colours such as red and white or blue and white will reflect an elegant feeling of warmth and holiday spirit.

Get Help When Hanging Your Outdoor Christmas Light
Make sure that you take the time to have someone there to assist you, spotting you and securing the ladder. Also, with the unpredictable weather, rough terrain and the wet ground, being involved in the accident is easy.

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