Everything You Need to Know About Methods of Production

The methods of production is grouped into 3 parts; the job or one off production, bath or multiple items and last but not the least, flow production or also called as multiple items, all steps in the process at once for individual items.

Talking about the job production, this is used in the event that a product is produced with labor of one or several workers and is used rarely for large scale and bulk production. Primarily, this is used for creating prototypes or one-off products hence also called as prototype production as it’s inefficient. On the other hand, the quality is enhanced significantly with job production than other known methods.

Some examples for this line of production are personalized wedding cakes as well as bespoke suits. New small companies are using job production before they have the chance or get the means to expand.

In relation to batch production, this is used in processing or producing any product in batches or group where the products in the said batch are going through the entire production process. To give you a quick example, when a bakery is producing different kinds of breads, they are doing it one by one and each bread made is not produced continuously. Batch production is being used for various purpose and suitable whenever there is a need for quantity/quality balance.

This technique is used frequently for supporting labor and organizing manufacture because oftentimes, batch production is involving small number of people. Batch production also occurs when lots of similar items are produced collectively. Every batch is going though one stage of production before it is sent to the next phase.

Now for flow production, this is sometimes referred to as process production in which the product is built from individual stages. To give you an example, the product will be built on different phases and passed right next to the subsequent stage in which it will be built again. Here, it requires less number of people to monitor everything, making it as the most effective approach in regards to financing.

Contrary to job production, method boutique manufacturing is basically the best when producing small batches of same kind orders of few units to several dozens of equal goods. Workflow organization of the boutique manufacturing firm may be a combination of batch and jobbing production but, it is involving stricter standard compared to job production. Boutique manufacturing is oftentimes organized using single production cells or workplaces to execute series of production steps until the time comes that the manufacturing of components or even the whole product has been completed. The variety and the flexibility of product can be produced in the entity at the same time.

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