What You Need to Know about Dog Health Nowadays

Having a dog in your home is a joyful thing due to the excitement and joy the canine brings. If you’re lonely or bored, having a pet will boost your morale in a great way. You will become livelier as the day goes by. It is for this reason that a person is encouraged to get to pet. If you have kids around, the pet will keep them active due to the fun engagement. Nonetheless, you need to make sure that the dog is in excellent health condition and comfortable at your home. This guide will enlighten you more about dog health nowadays.

It is vital to make sure that your dog is fed with a balanced diet for great health. For instance, it has been noted that high quality dry food comes handy in providing a balanced diet for adults’ dogs. The food can be mixed with water, broth, and canned food as well. You can also add small amounts of vegetables, cheese, fruits, and cooked eggs on the diet. On the other hand, young dogs should be fed with high quality puppy food. You should lower the amount of normal food since it can result to hormonal imbalances, obesity, teeth and bone problems. You should always ensure that your canine friend has enough clean and fresh water. The feeding dish should always be clean to promote great health. Professionals advocate that is between the ages of eight and 12 weeks ought to be fed four meals a day. Puppies between the age of three and six months should be fed three meals a day. A puppy that is more than six months and less than an old should have two meals each day. A dog that is more than one year should have a meal each day.

It is wise to ensure that your dog is clean and lower the rate of shedding by frequently brushing it. It is advisable to check for ticks and fleas on your dog especially during the warm weather. A great way of ensuring that your canine companion is free of flea and tick is to get them a flea and tick collar. To lower the number of calories in your dog and improve the health, it is wise to take them out for exercise. You will also help to reduce any boredom they may be facing. One is advised only to give their dog medication that is prescribed by a professional veterinarian. Take your canine to a center that is licensed to operate. You can get a clean and warm blanket and have it placed in a dog bed.

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