Your Guide to Understanding the Art of Origami

Out of all the craft hobbies that are out there, you need to know that Origami or commonly known as paper folding is one of the oldest among them out there that a lot of people of all ages have grown to love.

You have to know that when it comes to the beginnings of Origami, there really are no perfect details about this paper folding craft and hobby. What is just common knowledge among a lot of people is the fact that paper was first made in China during the first century A.D. When the sixth century A.D. came, some Buddhists monks decided to go to Japan and then brought such an invention there. You see, with these timelines in mind, you cannot help but wonder if the paper folding art or Origami really began in China or just began in Japan. Nevertheless, considering Origami as a high form of art expression was only made possible by the Japanese themselves. The word Origami itself is something that is a Japanese term. The term ‘oru’ denotes ‘to fold’ and the term ‘kami’ denotes ‘paper’.

Origami can be seen among the presents that you might have received form children that go to school and practice the art of paper folding or what you call Origami. For a lot of teachers, they also teach their students the art of paper folding as this has been shown to be just not that expensive that will allow them to bond better with their students. Aside from the usual paper airplanes that are being made by most students that are clearly not being instructed by their teacher, Origami making can be done in school to make the much higher art forms of toys, boats, animals, and birds.

Since Origami is part of the Oriental culture, you will not have to wonder why the most common subject for Origami will have to be some birds. Aside from birds, there are just a lot of other animals that you can create with Origami and even just about a lot of objects that you can see just about anywhere when you already know of some Origami techniques to be able to make them.

In the same manner as some art forms, you will be able to notice that Origami will also have their very own language. As you slowly immerse yourself in the art of paper folding, you will be coming across the terms such as square base, mountain fold, bird base, and many more. When you will be combining the various folds and bases of Origami, there is no doubt that you will be making a wide selection of objects and animals.

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