The Role of Electromagnetic Fields in Your Physical and Mental Health

There are various means of seeing the force of an electromagnetic field. You will see static magnetic fields in action during the operations of medical equipment like MRI or magnetic resonance imaging and X-rays.

Note that radiation comes from different angles and sources in our surroundings, from the ultra violet rays of the sun coming down to earth, to the radioactive elements emitting from under our earth, and to the electronic devices and appliances that emit their own electromagnetic waves that we use daily like microwaves, refrigerators and mobile phones. What we find most intriguing though is how the use of electromagnetic field is being used for the treatment and healing of the body.

Statistics revealed that one fourth of American women and one tenth of American men, which would total to around 37 million people, have concerns in depression. For today’s modern age and number of afflicted people, FDA is said to approve the use of electromagnetic fields to help treat this condition. The left frontal lobe of the brain is therefore being excited brought about by the strong electromagnetic field. Thus different things are performed because of the energized brain cells and the and trigger of the neurotransmitters or the chemicals in the brain. Electromagnetic field treatment is getting to be an attractive treatment, while other means failed, because this is a quick method, does not give side effects and often works on patients.

As shown by several researches, the response to electromagnetic field treatment on MS patients has been positive. They have noticed that after the patients are subjected to 20-30 minutes of duplicate treatments under low frequency of electromagnetic fields, together with 15 minute breaks, they showed better equilibrium and ambulation. There was an exhibition of MS patients to walk after being triggered with this external stimulus. According to studies also, the extreme tiredness of the patient was lowered after treatment with electromagnetic fields for the span of ten days.

It is fascinating to know that in the magnets and electromagnetic field treatment, the magnets are detectable and can be traced as they go inside the body. It is noteworthy to know that magnets and nanotechnology are now being used by scientist to get a better method in curing cancer. Although it is still a long way for this field, a lot of promises for future researches are done in electromagnetic and the cure of cancer.

Note that there is nothing to be concern about our exposure to the electromagnetic fields of our gadgets and appliances today, like refrigerators, television, laptops, cell phones, and others, since the World Health Organization has found no link between radiation and cancer magnetic fields that would cause a concern.

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