Above Bar: Effective Engine Modifications to Improve Performance

For some car enthusiasts, a vehicle that is rolling off the assembly line is not quite up to speed, and many try to improve on fuel efficiency or add more power to improve their auto performance. But if you want to feel the rumbling coming out from your engine for a real deal, you have to invest in automotive performance parts. For a faster car, you need to have a more powerful combustion, and more fuel will not work alone, so go for car modification.

What are the effective auto performance modification you can do to improve your engine performance? Consider using a supercharger that can increase the air pressure above the normal atmospheric level to force more air into your car’s engine, thus allowing air and fuel combination to produce more power. A supercharger has a rate of 50,000 RPM powered mechanically via a chain or belt from the crankshaft, which is even more powerful than the original car’s engine itself. With proper installation, a supercharger has more space for additional fuel, which is nearly fifty percent more horsepower. It is important to improve the airflow of your engine by using air filters to block impurities and contaminants that can degrade your engine’s performance over time. A thin layer or cotton or other materials that are housed in several layers of contaminant-catching thin mesh make up secondary filters. Choose good-quality aftermarket air filters that are made of fabric because they are washable, inexpensive, and they are reusable performance enhancer.

The air temperature entering your engine affects its performance and efficiency, so you need a cold air intake kit to help regulate air temperature as it enters the combustion engine. For higher engine performance and efficiency, cold air intake kits can deliver colder air, that contains more needed oxygen for a more dynamic engine combustion. You may consider using performance chips or superchips to override your engine’s factory settings for increased horsepower and performance. It sets new parameters, telling your vehicle’s engine to use gas re efficiently, or intake higher volume of air for larger combustion. Based on physics, lighter things move faster as compared to heavier things, so it is important to switch your heavier car parts to lighter parts. Getting rid of extra seats, replacing your glass windows with acrylic or plastic versions, or removing heavy parts of your dashboard can make your car lighter.

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