Indian women don’t like to keep their wrists empty and the modern day outfits don’t generally go with bangles. In such a scenario, bracelets have emerged as one of the highly chic fashion accessories, especially for the girls and modern women. They can be easily worn with all the western outfits and they also look good with ethnic clothes.

Bracelets come in various types and choosing the right bracelet to go with a particular outfit makes you look polished, stylish and fun. The available options are overwhelming, but here’s a guide on how to use different bracelets to complete your look.

Consider the Event

If you want to wear a bracelet to the office, then choose something that is sleek and stylish. It should reflect your personality. Try using a charm bracelet or a tennis bracelet. Tennis bracelets are known for their signature straight inline chain with individually set stones. Conventionally, the stones are diamonds, but you can get it embedded with semi-precious stones too. Avoid bracelets that create a sound as it is likely to disrupt the work environment.

Choose According to Your Outfit

If you are wearing a stylish outfit, you will definitely like to keep the focus of people on the outfit and not the accessory. Thus, you should stick with a neutral bracelet. In case you are wearing a simple outfit, wear a bold bracelet to make a style statement. You can actually wear a chunky bangle bracelet. These are versatile bracelets that are loved by women across age groups. They are easy to assemble in different colours and materials.

Mix and Match

A sleek single bracelet looks classy and elegant, but if you want to look chic and cool at a casual event or when you are going out casually with friends, you can mix and match different colours or patterns in accordance to your outfit. You can even include bracelets differing in widths. You can experiment with different bracelets, but care should be taken to stick to one metal. Mixing gold and silver will make you look messy in most of the cases.

Refrain from doing so unless you are confident that you can carry it off.

Go With Beads

Beaded bracelets give you that classy boho-chic look. You can pair it up with a maxi-dress to make a strong style statement. They actually look very beautiful, comfortable and give you ample of opportunity to play with different coloured beads.

Choose Bracelets Keeping Your Wrists in Mind

If you want to make your wrists look slim, then go with bracelets that are about 2 inches wide. A thick chunky well-fitted cuff bracelet can give you the effect that you are looking for.

Bracelets are the perfect accessory that can complete any look. You only need to be little mindful when pairing them with a formal outfit and can go crazy and experiment when you are looking for that chic and cool look.