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Secrets to a Happy Marriage

If you aspire to enjoy a 50-year marriage, or longer, know that these relationships do not happen just because someone has unusually good luck. There is a lot you can do to build a strong relationship to prepare for marriage.

Let’s face it, relationships aren’t easy. We have a difficult enough time managing our own mercurial emotions and making sensible decisions. Add another person to the equation and it sometimes seems that we’re doubling down on trouble. Still, there’s another side to relationships as well: you aren’t alone when it comes to facing challenging times.

3 Ways to Build a Great Relationship

Here are 3 tips on how to develop a superb relationship to make the good times better and the bad times seem less intense:

Tip #1: Offer Gifts of Appreciation: 

 The most generous thing you can do before a marriage is to buy your future spouse a … Read the rest

Consumer Report Predicts Thousands of Store Closures in 2018

The rapidly rising number of online shoppers and the increasing use of mobile devices for shopping has taken its toll on brick-and-mortar businesses. Just days into the new year, a consumer report shared its prediction that thousands of stores will close in the near future.

Small physical stores are not the only ones that will suffer. Large departments stores, known as “anchor stores”, are also expected to feel the effects of the rise in online shopping. In addition to their own sales, these anchor stores boost traffic to the small businesses that surround them. An anchor store’s closing will not only affect the business itself, but the other small brick-and-mortar establishments nearby. According to CoStar, Business Insider reports 310 out of 1,300 malls are at risk of losing an anchor tenant.

The rise of ecommerce outlets like online giant Amazon has made it harder for traditional businesses to lure customers … Read the rest